The eDiscovery Institute ("EDI") and Above the Law ("ATL") are pleased to solict nominations for the first Corporate Legal Technology Leadership Award. The award winner will receive a Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet PC + Audio Dock as well as a wall plaque commemorating the event.

There is no fee to submit a nomination. Nominations must be receieved no later than August 31, 2011 to be considered. The award will be announced during the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit being held at Amelia Island on September 6-8, 2011.

Feel free to nominate yourself or someone you know. If nominating someone else, be sure to include a valid email address for that person.

We are looking for creative use of technology to solve a business problem with the outcome being a streamlined business process that helps the corporate protect its assets, gain a competitive advantage and/or reduce costs, or some creative uses of technology to manage outside counsel or other legal vendors, increasing efficiency, managing a crisis, maintaining a budget or reducing overall corporate costs.

* 1. Name of person making nomination

* 2. Email of person making nomination

* 3. Name of person nominated

* 4. Company of person nominated

* 5. Title of person nominated

* 6. Email address of person nominated

* 7. Phone number of person nominated

* 8. Provide a brief description of the business problem, the technology solution and the outcome. How did the innovative use of technology help the organization to save time, gain a competitive advantage or reduce costs?