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Employers focus predominately on reviewing, rating and rewarding their employees’ past performance. But even the best employee in the past and present may not be the best employee for the future. Organizations need to learn how to identify and develop potential in order to drive future organizational performance.

Potential is not easy to define or measure. It is often seen as an intangible that separates a good employee from your next visionary, extraordinary performer. But potential should be, and can be, assessed. Brandon Hall Group believes potential should be assessed in three ways: Capacity/ability, aspiration, engagement.

Assessing all three areas is critical but most organizations can only address capacity/ability. That’s because it is the easiest to correlate with performance and address through traditional learning and development approaches.

Brandon Hall Group’s research will explore how organizations are changing their approach to performance management to adapt to the future of work. We will generate reports and tools to help employers focus more on developing potential to drive critical talent decisions.

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Claude Werder
SVP and Principal HCM Analyst
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