Interested in usability research? We need your input!

Design Science is a third-party consulting firm specializing in medical device research. While the majority of our work involves this type of research, we are in need of participants with and without medical backgrounds.

The data you provide in this survey will give us a better understanding of your experience so we may contact you when your criteria meets the target study population. Your data will not be publicly shared. You may exit the survey and re-access it as many times as needed. Please answer all questions that apply to you.

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* 13. If you are a healthcare professional, which best describes you?

* 14. If you are a specialist, please state your area of expertise (i.e., oncology pharmacist, trauma nurse, etc.)

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* 16. If you are a patient and/or caregiver, does the condition require medication?

* 17. Are you or the person you care for living with any of the following conditions?