April 23–25, 2018
Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The annual Laboratory Design Conference, now in its 17th year, is seeking qualified professionals interested in sharing their experience and knowledge as a member of our faculty. Potential topics include Best Practices, Lab Design, Engineering, Market Trends, Construction and more. The Laboratory Design Conference is known for its timely, compelling and original educational programming. Please complete the information below. We look forward to your submission.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2018

* 1. Thank you very much for your interest in and support of the 2018 Laboratory Design Conference. Please take time to fill out the following.

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* 5. A summary of your presentation (200-250 word maximum). Write a description that might be used to attract attendees to this presentation. Include an explanation of the value of this presentation, takeaways, lessons learned, why they should attend this session, etc. for potential use for marketing and pre-conference editorial coverage.

* 6. Please provide four learning objectives for your presentation

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* 11. If you are proposing more than one speaker or panelists for this session, please note their name(s), title, and company below. Presentations to be made by more than one speaker or in a panel or workshop format must receive prior written approval by the Conference Chair.

* 12. Have you presented this topic previously? Note: Your topic should not be presented at a related industry event within 90 days prior to the 2018 Laboratory Design Conference.

* 13. Please include a brief summary of your background and experience below.

* 14. Please describe your presentation experience (types of presentations, audience demographics, length of presentations, etc.):

* 15. Please suggest recently built or renovated lab in the Philadelphia area you think would make an interesting site visit during the Laboratory Design Conference's post-conference Lab Tours:

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