8% of survey complete.
A Planning Committee is leading the effort to analyze the needs of trauma survivors in DeKalb County.  The planning process allows us to plan for and design a community-based center with coordinated, integrated and co-located services to support the entire County with concentrated focus on serving the under-served populations in the City of DeKalb. 

If created, the center would be accessible to those most in need of services and be community-based. It will provide a diverse array of co-located services (to be determined by the planning process) aligned with the identified needs of the County’s trauma survivors. The center would provide coordinated services and a supportive experience for trauma survivors. The policies and practices of the center would be inclusive, meeting the cultural, linguistic, and safety needs of the community. 

The purpose of this survey is to obtain a wide range of opinions from various stakeholders regarding the available resources for trauma survivors in DeKalb County and needs of trauma survivors that ought to be addressed.