Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management for CPD Activities

Accreditation of CPD events requires a conflict of interest disclosure be submitted by all individuals involved in the development and/or delivery of educational content whether you do or do not have a relationship or interest to disclose.

This requirement is mandated by the Royal College National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities and the CDA Policy for Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management for CPD Activities.

  • Disclosures must include all financial relationships (direct and indirect) with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as personal relationships or interests (financial and non-financial) that could be seen by a reasonable, well-informed participant as having the potential to influence the content of the CPD activity.
  • Disclosures must list all relationships and interests in the 24-month time period leading up to the declaration submission, plus any new interests that will occur during the development of the CPD activity.
  • New pertinent relationships and interests arising during the CPD activity development period must be reported to the CPD activity chair and to the CDA education committee or the assigned education committee member.
All of the following pages must be completed and submitted for review to the CDA.

  1. Individuals such as speakers and presenters involved in the delivery of a CPD activity must disclose all relationships and interests verbally and in writing on a slide at the beginning of their presentation in the CPD activity. A template will be provided to invited speakers and presenters.
  2. Scientific planning committee members are responsible for the educational and ethical development of a CPD activity and must disclose all relationships and interests verbally and in writing at the beginning the CPD activity.
  3. CPD activities must be non-commercial and non-promotional. Products if mentioned must always be referred to by their generic names. Only when necessary, brand names may be added in parenthesis as secondary text after their generic names.
Failure to disclose or providing false disclosure may result in the individual’s replacement.