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Welcome to this online survey!

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In the European research consortium DynaMORE (www.dynamore-project.eu), scientists work together to find out how people adapt to adverse life circumstances and stress, and which factors protect them from developing stress-related mental disorders. Oftentimes, stressors differ a lot from person to person. However, the Corona pandemic is currently affecting the lives of people all around the world and offers the opportunity to investigate which strategies are helpful in overcoming such big challenges. Therefore, we are interested in getting to know how you are coping with this pandemic and the accompanying changes. For this, we ask you to fill out some questionnaires.

Answering all questions will take approximately 15 minutes and is fully anonymous. We do not offer financial reimbursement for participation in this study. However, by participating you do make a valuable contribution to our understanding of psychological responses to the current pandemic. Let us already take the opportunity to thank you for your support!

This survey study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the State Medical Board of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz, Germany.

Data protection 
All data will be collected anonymously and do not allow drawing conclusions about you as a person. Since this is an international study, anonymous data will also be analysed by cooperation partners outside of the European Union. There is a possibility that anonymous data will be shared with others for research purposes, and will be published or made publicly available (e.g., in repositories). Thereby, data might be stored for a long time without being deleted. Because data will be acquired anonymously, deletion of your personal data is not possible. 
The platform SurveyMonkey, which you are currently located on and which we use for data acquisition, ensures adherence to data protection guidelines according to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). More information can be found here
Study contact details: 

Principal Investigator: 
Prof. Dr. Raffael Kalisch  
Leibniz-Institut für Resilienzforschung (LIR) gGmbH 
Wallstrasse 7 
55122 Mainz 
Data Protection Officer:
Sandra Zurborg, PhD 
Leibniz-Institut für Resilienzforschung (LIR) gGmbH 
Wallstrasse 7 
55122 Mainz 

You can only participate if you are 18 years or older and if you agree that we use your answers anonymously.

Question Title

1. I am 18 years or older.

Question Title

2. I agree that my anonymous answers will be used for a scientific study.

7% of survey complete.