Dear respondent,

This survey aims at assessing the socioeconomic impact of E-RIHS on heritage science community. E-RIHS supports cross disciplinary research in heritage science (interpretation, preservation, documentation and management) in a coordinated manner at national and international level (http://www.e-rihs.eu/). The survey is carried out within the framework of the E-RIHS ERIC preparatory phase project funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme under the grant agreement 739503.

If your work/study relates to heritage science, we invite you to participate in this survey and give your opinion. Your answers will be treated in a strictly confidential manner and will be anonymised for aggregate statistical analysis. The estimated time for completing this survey is at maximum 10 minutes. Please note that until you complete the survey you may change any answers on previous survey pages.

                         The deadline for completing the survey is 31th January 2019

For any questions or technical problems, please contact E-RIHS coordination office [co@e-rihs.eu] or Francesco Giffoni via email [giffoni@csilmilano.com] or by phone on [+39 02796630 | Direct line: +39 0284102088].

Our most sincere thanks for your valuable cooperation!

The E-RIHS Project Team