Call for Proposals

Here is your opportunity to get involved and help shape the programme of the EACD Summit 2020 that will take place on 14-15 May in Amsterdam!

In preparation for the Summit, the following tracks have been identified:
1.      Futureproof (the) communications (function)
2.      Purpose and sustainability and corporate activism
3.      Digital society, and all its implications
4.      Communication in transformative industries & sectors

For more information about the above tracks please visit the event website.
With this Call for Proposals, we are now looking for your input as participants in these sessions. Our goal is to provide our conference attendees with the best content possible for each and every one of these topics.

The EACD Summit 2020 Programme Committee invites the submission of proposals under the following presentation formats:

1.   Masterclass - the familiar presentation session consisting of three-four 20- to 25-minute speeches, followed by questions and discussion. Submissions will take the usual form of a description of the content of an eventual PowerPoint presentation.

2.   Panel discussion - experts in the field, who share facts, offer opinions and respond to audience questions either through questions curated by the moderator or taken from the audience directly. Submissions should consist of a description of how you could participate in and contribute to the topic under discussion.

Roundtable presentation - extended discussion among a small group, the presenter will be giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions, and meeting colleagues with similar interests. Submissions should consist of a description of how you could participate in and contribute to the topic under discussion.

 Workshop - The workshops are intended to allow conference participants a chance to explore topics in greater depth. Led by practitioners and leading global education organizations, these interactive workshops should provide a hands-on learning experience that will leave you with ideas, strategies and tools to use back in the community. Please include suggestions of the session objectives and concrete take-aways for attendees.

  Boardroom - An interactive roundtable discussion, with 1-2 subject leaders. Each speaker share information for approximately 10 minutes. The remainder of the session features a facilitated discussion with the participants. PowerPoint presentations might be used and relevant handouts may be distributed.
6.    Leadership Circle – The goal is to gather up to 4 experts to extend their views, vigorously and vibrantly, on a topic that they are passionate about. You will be seated around a table, with the audience standing and sitting behind you, looking in. Your moderator has an envelope containing five questions. One by one, the moderator will read them out and you will discuss, debate and express your views for 10 minutes, before moving onto the next question.

  Oxford Style Debate - “Oxford-style” debating is a competitive debate format that features a sharply worded motion proposed by one side and opposed by the other. The winner is declared either by majority consensus or by which team has swayed more audience members.
The deadline for submitting your abstract is 14 March

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