General Information

Early Childhood Ireland has commissioned Mark Tully of Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd. to conduct a national, representative review of the real cost of childcare. This is a really important piece of research that will strongly inform our advocacy work, in particular as DCYA is working to develop the Single Affordable Childcare System. Your input is crucial to its success and efficacy. You may be aware of the work Mark Tully recently carried out on behalf of Limerick and Dublin City Childcare Committees on the real cost of childcare in these two areas. The reports highlighted substantial issues of sustainability across all current childcare models. This is a problem for which we want to identify solutions. We know that many of you have often, in the past, offered to make your accounts available for an analysis. Early Childhood Ireland would like to take you up on this offer as we roll out this national review by asking you to complete this survey on your finances.
The survey will take no more than half an hour if you have all your financial information in front of you.  The survey is entirely anonymous and will be analysed by Mark Tully.  If you prefer to fill out the survey in paper form, you will have the chance to do so next week as we post out our quarterly magazine, Early Years, where you will find a printed out copy of the survey.

We greatly appreciate your immense role and help in making this review possible and ensure its timely impact.

* 1. Completing the entire survey will entitle you to enter a prize draw by Early Childhood Ireland, with a chance to win an iPad.  To enter the draw, please enter your phone number below and complete all sections of the survey.  The phone number is purely for the purposes of the draw and will be deleted once the draw is made.  If you do not wish to enter the draw, just leave the box blank.  Thank you.

* 2. In which county are you based?

* 3. Are you urban or rural-based?

* 4. Which of the following applies to your childcare service?

* 5. On an average day, how many people would you employ in the following areas?

* 6. On an average day, how many babies do you have in each of the following?

* 7. On an average day, how many Toddlers do you have in each of the following?

* 8. On an average day, how many ECCE children do you have?

* 9. On average, what percentage of your ECCE children stay on for full-day care?

* 10. On an average day, how many After-schoolers do you have in each of the following?

* 11. On an average day, how many non-ECCE Pre-schoolers do you have in each of the following?