Please take 10 minutes to participate in the following survey. 

The City of Kirkland is updating its long-range policies related to economic development as part of its Comprehensive Plan update. Topics covered by the Economic Development Element policies include promoting equitable economic growth throughout the community, encouraging innovation, and fostering job training and educational opportunities.  

By participating in this survey, you will help City staff to:  
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for people who currently work or own a business in Kirkland, or for people who would like to work or own a business in Kirkland;
  • Gather ideas about what the City can do to improve policies, programs, or regulations related to businesses and commerce in Kirkland;
  • Determine what the City’s priorities should be to help businesses be successful;
  • Learn how the City can better support home-based businesses.  
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Para solicitar as informações neste documento em seu idioma, entre em contato com o Coordenador do Título VI (Title VI Coordinator) de Kirkland pelo telefone (425) 587-3831 ou no e-mail