Welcome to the GCOS review of requirements for climate monitoring

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your contribution is important.

GCOS wishes to collect comments and views on the ECV requirements from the scientific and user communities. These requirements were published in The Global Observing System for Climate: Implementation Needs (2016, GCOS-200, pub WMO) and were accepted and their use encouraged by the UNFCCC at its meeting in Marrakech (Nov 2016).

The ECV requirements can be downloaded by selecting the following links:

Atmosphere:   https://goo.gl/G5UdHJ
Land: https://goo.gl/KZDCWB
Ocean: https://goo.gl/krVMvr

These requirements are intended to be user requirements: what is needed by users.

Now GCOS would like to get feedback on these numbers and proposals on how they can be changed. This information will form the basis of an update to the GCOS implementation plan due in 2021-2022. More information about ECV and this review can be found here.

For the first time GCOS will present these numbers as ranges from:

the threshold, a value that should be achieved for the data to be of use
the goal, a value beyond which no further benefit can be derived, and
intermediate values for specific applications.

Question Title

* 1. Name and affiliation (as you wish to be credited in any published document). This will only be used to credit you in the final documents or to enable the GCOS science panels to ask specific questions about your proposals.