Strategic Review

The Board of the Electoral Commission is conscious that it is easy for the organisation to get focused on just delivering quite a demanding elections timetable, moving from one event to the next. We are taking the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and to think about what the Commission’s role might or could be in a slightly broader sense. For example:

- What should/could voting look like in 2020; how do we move to this?
- As the way the work of political parties changes, communications evolve and how voters are engaged develops, what should/could this mean for the way party finances are regulated?
- What should the vision for electoral registration look like?
- Where do the changes in technology fit in to the delivery of elections?

These are just a few examples of the things that the Electoral Commission could or might want to be involved with. The Strategic Review aims to ask our stakeholders what they think we should be doing. 

We will review this feedback  to help inform decisions on our future priorities.  There will be some things where it is clear we should lead in the development of ideas and driving the debate, and there will be others where we will need to have a role as experts informing the debate.

We will also need to balance priorities against resources available.  So as well as possibly undertaking new activities, we might have to take decisions to stop doing certain things, or to do them differently.

Once the review has closed we will be producing a report summarising our findings and what we propose to do.
We would like to hear from as many of our stakeholders as possible and get their thoughts.
We would be grateful if you could send us your thoughts on the four questions below. 

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* 1. Please provide some information about yourself

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* 2. Thinking about your engagement with elections, what are your biggest risks, challenges and opportunities?

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* 3. Thinking about voter's involvement in elections, what do you think their priorities will be by 2020?

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* 4. Identify three areas where you think the Electoral Commission should be leading the development of ideas and/or policy in the next five years.

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* 5. We may get in touch to discuss your comments further, if you'd prefer us not to, please tick this box:

Thank you for taking the time to respond.  If you have any further comments or questions please let us know at