Public survey on travel in cities (ELVITEN project)

Thank you for taking part in this survey. It is part of the European project ELVITEN, which aims to make the use of light electric vehicles in cities more attractive, as a complement to public transport and as an alternative to driving traditional fossil-fuel vehicles.

We welcome your responses, whatever your local travel patterns and habits are. You do not need any prior knowledge of electric vehicles. Please answer honestly according to your usual travel patterns within your city (or regular travel to your nearest city) and your personal opinions. The questionnaire relates to urban and suburban trips only. Please do not answer with respect to occasional long distance trips such as holidays.

We do not ask for personal details like name, address, email or other contact details. It is completely anonymous and we comply with SurveyMonkey privacy policy which is available here: The survey has a maximum of 26 questions and should take up to 10 minutes. It would greatly help us analyse travel patterns and opinions if you could complete it to the final page, which asks whether you have a driving licence, and also your gender, age group and employment status. These are anonymous questions but very important for us to analyse your responses.

The ELVITEN project includes three demonstration sites in Italy (Rome, Bari and Genoa) and one each in Germany (Berlin), Greece (Trikala) and Spain (Malaga). This is why these six cities appear in the first question. But if you live in or near a different city, we still want to hear from you! Just enter your city and country.

Please note that this questionnaire is available in German, English, Italian, Greek and Spanish. You can respond to any of these regardless of which city or country you live in. You can find the other language versions at:
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* 1. What is your city of residence or nearest (major/big) city?