Thank you for your interest in this survey, which seeks to understand your views and experiences of the benefits that the UK has derived from its membership of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

The questionnaire is aimed at UK scientists and engineers who have:
  • Made use of the ESO telescopes and instruments for observation
  • Been involved in ESO instrument development projects
  • Accessed ESO observational data and images 
  • Accessed research publications that are based on ESO observations and data 

Before proceeding, please read the information on ‘confidentiality and data’ below and indicate that you give consent to the statement below concerning the use of your data.

Question Title

* 1. I give my consent for Technopolis to process my response to this questionnaire for the purposes of this study only

Confidentiality and data

None of the subsequent questions in the survey are mandatory and you are able to withdraw at any time. Indeed, you are free to request the withdrawal and deletion of your submission and data at any point during the course of the study (email: neil.brown@technopolis-group.com).

All data and information provided will be considered as confidential and will only be used by Technopolis for the purposes of conducting the evaluation. Any publication of results from the survey will only be in a synthesised and anonymised form in an evaluation report. The data will be presented as aggregate statistics or charts and will not be linked to individual organisations. In compliance with GDPR, Technopolis has established processes to ensure the security of the data and information that we collect and hold. You can view the company privacy policy here.

We will erase your data within 6 months of the conclusion of the evaluation in August 2021.