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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the 3-yearly NM User Satisfaction Survey on EUROCONTROL Network Manager iCNS Navigation services, tools and stakeholder support.
In order to optimise your contribution and minimise the time you spend on it, the survey has been laid out on the basis of different Navigation domains;
-> 1. NSG (Navigation Steering Group) and related space and ground infrastructure activities
-> 2. PBN ISG (PBN Implementation Support Group) and related activities
-> 3. LATO/GBAS ISG (Landing and Take-Off/GBAS Implementation Support Group) and related activities
-> 4. PBN Portal

-> 5. Navigation Tools and online support (such as AUGUR, FAS DB, PEGASUS, DEMETER, MAP Tool, NAV Infrastructure support and more)

-> 6. Navigation Guidance materials/Handbooks
-> The questionnaire ends with a few general questions on the Navigation domain within EUROCONTROL

You are requested on page 3 of the survey to select those NAV domains in which you are working or which are relevant for you; dynamically it will tailor the questionnaire according to your input and you will be directed only to those questions which follow on from your previous answers.
Depending on your selection, the survey should take up between 10 and 35 minutes of your time.

Your contribution plays an important part in supporting the continuous effort of the Network Manager to improve the EUROCONTROL iCNS/Navigation services for your daily work and activities.

Additional Notes:
- The purpose of the survey is to gather individual feedback, hence the importance of your selection on page 3 (different domains).
- Some fields are marked (*) and are mandatory as this information is essential for us to better understand your answers.

- If a specific question is not applicable to you or you just can't answer, please tick N/A. In that way the available responses remain with valid user evaluations. 
- If you close the survey before having clicked the "DONE" button at the end of the survey, your replies will not be registered.

- Your remarks in the comment boxes are very essential to help us understand your evaluations, requirements and expectations, so we encourage you to provide as detailed comments as you can.
- Responses will be treated confidentially and results will be aggregated to ensure that individuals cannot be identified unless permission is given to do so.

The survey is extended until Tuesday 25 January 2022.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!

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