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Tax has rarely been the focus of such attention from either the Government or the media so the forthcoming Budget is likely to come under considerable scrutiny. Please take the opportunity of this confidential survey to let us know your views on some of the challenges and opportunities that this will bring for business. We will open a dialogue on these issues in advance of the Budget so your comments will help shape the debate.

2. Job-title:

4. Location: Is your organisation headquartered:

5. Is your organisation considering a change in headquarter location?

6. To what extent has the competitiveness of the UK tax regime been improved by the policies that the Coalition has announced/implemented since it came into power?

7. To what extent have the changes to enhance the competitiveness of the UK caused your organisation to consider locating activities in the UK?

8. What factor has contributed most to the improved competitiveness of the UK?

9. What do you think is the biggest deterrent to growing your business in the UK?

10. Have any of these factors had an impact your organisation’s business activities?

  Yes No
In the last 18 months
In the next 18 months

11. Do you think that the ongoing debate around fair tax (eg through the Public Accounts Committee) is:

  Yes No Neutral
Helpful to the UK economy?
Harmful to your group?
Helpful in developing UK strategy?

12. How do you see the debate impacting your group? (please tick all that apply)

14. If the Chancellor had £1bn to spend, what is the one change he could make to enhance your business or UK productivity?

15. Would you be in favour of a move towards a higher proportion of tax revenues being derived from indirect taxes, rather than corporate taxes?

16. To what extent do you think that a GAAR would have deterred you from undertaking the commercial decisions you have made in the last twelve months?

17. In your organisation, to what extent has the announced reduction in the top rate of income tax to 45p rate impacted the position of the UK as a location for top executives to be based?

18. Would you be in favour of country by country reporting of your profits /tax liabilities?