Welcome to the brief survey on Elevator Recall Testing!

We want to explore the frequency of Elevator Firefighter Service testing failures. This survey will ask you questions related to:
  • The current number of operational elevators with Fire Fighter's Service 
  • The total number of elevators tested over a 12-month period 
  • The total number of elevator recall test failures over the same 12-month period
  • The total number of staffing hours (for elevator recall testing) over the same 12-month period
  • The average hourly rate of staff completing the testing (if applicable)
  • If contracted, the annual cost for monthly recall testing 

This survey should take you less than 5-10 minutes to complete; and we greatly appreciate your willingness to help us explore this issue. If you have questions, or get stuck, just text (773.454.1072) or email Lisa, the ASHE researcher at lwalt@aha.org.