1. Nomination Survey

Your opinion is of unique and special value - please take approximately 5-12 minutes to share your opinion by filling out this short survey. Only the first 2 questions are required, although your answers to any remaining questions will enhance our research. Results will be used to help us compile Fishbowl's annual Emerging Brands Report - one of the most exciting publications of the year. Please submit your response by January 10, 2021.

Emerging Brands in the restaurant industry are those that exhibit a strong promise of potential growth in the near future and embrace progressive developments that are innovative and unique. They generate excitement - consumers want to 'discover' them and they feel ownership as the brands grow. What brands will emerge in 2021?

Thank you for being a part of this project. We appreciate your time and thoughtful answers.

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* 1. When you think of the concept of EMERGING BRANDS for the upcoming year, what brands come to mind?  For this study we would like to consider US-based brands with at least 5 units and no more than 75 units (brands on the final report may be restricted to a lower number of units depending on nominations received). Please nominate at least one brand.

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* 2. In your opinion, what factors make a restaurant an 'EMERGING BRAND'? Please rank these in the order that YOU think is most important (and write in any that you feel are missing - see Question 4). Please rank from 1 to 7 (1 is the most important, 7 is the least important).

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* 3. Thank you for ranking the options above. What additional factors would you add to this list? Name any additional factors that contribute to make a brand "emerging".

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* 4. Please share any additional thoughts on the topic of Emerging Brands for 2020.

25% of survey complete.