About this questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to assist us in better understanding your level of awareness with regards to cyber security in the work place, as well as providing us with a guide as to how you respond when presented with cyber security situations.

THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER. There is no recourse on you, for any answer that you provide.

Every answer is valuable to us to better assist you and your organisation.

Your personal details are not recorded apart from your department name.

Please answer every question with total honesty as this allows us to better understand how we can assist you.

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* 2. How are you feeling today? 
(This may seem like a strange question to ask, but your personal demeanour can impact the way in which you respond to certain situations)

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* 3. Do you personally believe that you are a serious target for cyber criminals?

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* 4. When you are at work, what do you think is THE most important thing that you should do with regards to fighting cyber-criminal threats?