You are being invited to complete this survey on behalf of the Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging, a research organization with offices in York Care Centre, New Brunswick's largest long-term care facility.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the Caregiver as essential, and the types of access they have to loved ones in long-term care, varies across the globe.

An Essential Caregiver is a role aimed to support a resident’s well being, health or quality of life. For example, if you have historically provided some type of support to a loved one in a long-term care setting, you would most likely be defined as an Essential Caregiver. Currently, in the province of New Brunswick, if you are an Essential Caregiver, you may attend a long-term care facility at any of the province's recovery levels. The only exception is if a facility is in COVID-19 outbreak, defined as one positive case. Access for Essential Caregivers may vary across the province, as each facility is privately owned and may choose to apply restrictions that exceed government guidelines.
Families are signaling that they want to be recognized as more than visitors, and during times of crisis, believe they can play a greater role during this pandemic and other potential emergencies, rather than being restricted from entering.
Through this study, we hope to validate what families have been saying - there is a broader role for trained Caregivers as part of emergency response, rather than preventing them from entering a long-term care home.

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