* 1. Your Information

* 2. Name of Your Performance Group/Troupe

* 3. How did you hear about the Eventbrite Arts Grant?

* 4. Briefly describe the history of your Group/Troupe & your mission statement

* 5. Describe your art form and how your group hopes to contribute to the growth of this community in the future

* 6. Name one or more performance groups/troupes that you admire within your performance space and explain why

* 7. Number of performers in your group/troupe

* 8. Please share links to your group/troupe's website and/or Facebook page

* 9. Links to videos of past performance
At least one video of a past performance is required for the application. If you do not have it available as a link, please mail to:

Eventbrite Arts Grant
651 Brannan, St Suite 110
San Francisco, CA 94107

* 10. What type of activities does your group/troupe host?

* 11. How many of each type of activity does your group host? (Please enter a number by the types that apply to your group/troupe)

* 12. Please describe your vision for the performance you'd like to put on with this grant:

* 13. What do you want to achieve with this grant and how will this grant money help you achieve your goals?

* 14. Information for Proposed Performance

* 15. Estimated time frame of performance

* 16. Estimated Size of Audience

* 17. Is there anything else you want us to consider as we review your application?

* 18. I agree to the Eventbrite Official Grant Rules.
If you do not agree your application will not be considered.