Expansion of a Public School Operated Prekindergarten Education Program

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Prior approval from the Agencies of Education and Human Services must be received before a school district may expand a school operated prekindergarten education program. School districts are required to use this application to request permission to expand a current school operated PreK program. This new requirement applies to all school districts whether they choose to offer universal prekindergarten education starting in 2015 or 2016; it replaces the community needs assessment school districts were required to complete under Act 62.

"Expansion" is defined as when a district seeks to increase the number of children served in a school operated program, and such increase will require additional teachers and/or classrooms.

Responses to completed applications will be provided within thirty (30) business days from submission of a complete application.

Question Title

1. Expansion of an existing school operated PreK program is defined as a district seeking to increase the number of children served in its school operated program, and such an increase would require an additional teacher or additional classroom space.

Does the district seek to increase the number of children served in its district-operated PreK program, and such an addition requires additional teachers or classroom space?