We are sorry to see you go. Please complete the survey below. Your answers will help us to determine if there are improvements Fisher College can make to our programs and services.

* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. Did you transfer to Fisher College from another school?

* 3. Were you employed while at Fisher College?

* 4. How did Fisher College rank among your choices for college?

* 5. Please identify how important the following reasons were for choosing Fisher College for your education. (Please mark all that apply).

  Not important at all Of little importance Moderately important Important Very important
Availability of specific programs/courses
Fisher College faculty
The size of the college
Availability of academic support services
Student life
Cost of tuition and fees
Availability of financial aid
Family advice
Friends attending Fisher College
Best school was admitted to
Experience with Fisher College prior to enrollment

* 6. Did you visit the Fisher College campus before enrolling in the program?