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* 1. Please rate the following research study ideas to let us know how important you think it is.

  Not important Slightly important Moderately important Important Very Important
Do patients who have craniofacial surgery report higher quality of life than patients who do not, and what are the factors that predict higher quality of life for either option?
Do plates or rods work better in surgically repairing a femur?
Are narcotics more effective than bisphosphonates or other adjunct therapies for treatment of pain?
Do people who exercise or do physical therapy have less pain?
In general, do comparable patients who have fewer surgical interventions report higher quality of life?

Question Title

* 2. A CER question compares two or more interventions. What are other CER questions that you think could be important to pursue?
This does not have to be detailed. We appreciate any suggestions, ideas, concepts. For example, you could state something like…. “I want to know more about the long-term effects bisphosphonates vs not using bisphosphonates will have on my health when I get older”. We can work to develop an idea like this into a full CER question. If you cannot think of two interventions just state the problem that matters to you most. Example: “When is the best time to do surgery for craniofacial FD”?