Thank you for participating in the 2022 LF Energy Survey. This survey seeks to enable a new understanding of the degree to which energy operators are prepared to transition to decarbonization and move beyond fossil fuels. This survey is conducted by LF Energy, in collaboration with Linux Foundation Research and LF Training & Certification, and its partners Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST), RWTH Aachen, and Zpryme.

Who should take this survey? Anyone who works in the energy sector or considers themselves an energy stakeholder. Your responses are anonymous and will be used to compile a report to be released later this year.

As a thank you for participating in this research, once you have completed the survey, a code will be displayed on the confirmation page and it can be used for a discount on Linux Foundation training courses or certification exams listed in our catalog:

Your name and/or organization name will not be displayed. Reviews are attributed to your role, organization size, and industry. Responses will be subject to the Linux Foundation’s Privacy Policy, available at Please note that research partners who are not Linux Foundation employees will review the survey results. Although survey partners are not permitted to use your personal data for other purposes, if you would prefer that your name or email address not be visible in the results that the survey partners review, please do not include them in your responses.