SANBio empowering Female-owned Bio-Businesses!

Are you an ambitious female leading a business in the Biosciences arena (human/animal nutrition or health)?  Would you like to speed up your business growth, receive training and mentoring, marketing exposure, funding and an SANBio/BioFISA II sponsored  trip to Slush (Europe’s leading startup event in Finland) and the 2017 SA Innovation Summit (Cape Town)?

If you answered YES to these questions, we invite you to apply now to participate in the SANBio FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme.

What is it?

The Programme has been created to develop leadership, technological and business skills in female-owned businesses in the SADC region to support deal-making and business acceleration in the Biosciences arena.
We want to drive the bioscience industry forward, with YOU in the driver’s seat.

Who should apply to the Programme?

You should apply if:
  • You are a female founder or senior manager in a bioscience-based company (human/animal nutrition & human/animal health);
  • Your business is in the growth phase;
  • You are passionate about your business and have a strong desire to accelerate at an even faster pace;
  • The business is based in one of the 12 SANBio member states (South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana).
What’s in it for you?

If selected for participation:
  • You will receive FREE 2-day training on moving your business forward through pitches and presentations;
  • You will belong to a network of like-minded people across borders;
  • Your business will receive marketing exposure;
  • You have a chance to be selected for the next phase of the Programme, to receive two and a half months of intensive business mentorship and training;
  • Top performers will have the opportunity to meet investors, business experts and potential mentors;
  • The top performer will receive a grant of R250 000 to move the business forward;
  • Top performers will visit Cape Town to participate at the 2017 SA Innovation Summit;
  • The top performer will receive a trip to attend Slush 2017 in Finland, where international opportunities await!

Please complete the following questionnaire to submit your application to participate in this Programme.

* 1. What is your first name?

* 2. What is your last name?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. In what year were you born? (enter 4-digit birth year; for example, 1976)

* 5. What is the name of your company?

* 6. Where is your Company located?

* 7. Website address (if applicable)

* 8. Should we need to get hold of you telephonically, which telephone number should we use? Please provide an area code.

* 9. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 10. In what year was your company founded?

* 11. What is your position in your company (e.g. CEO, Founder, Owner etc.)

* 12. How large is your current enterprise?

* 14. In what field of bio science does your company fall?

* 15. Describe your products / services.

* 16. Are you the original founder of this enterprise?

* 17. Do you own shares in the company you work for?

* 18. What is the problem that your business solve?

* 19. How well does your company solutions / products solve this problem?

* 20. Who is your target market?

* 21. What is your market share percentage in your country?

* 22. Please state your:

* 23. What is your 5 year revenue target?

* 24. How do you intend to reach this target?

* 25. What is your company’s unique selling point or competitive advantage?

* 26. Is it easy to get into the market with your product?

* 27. Can this business be expanded to other countries?

* 28. What are the qualification that one need to be in this business?

* 29. What is the next big challenge that this business needs to overcome?

* 30. What help do you require most?

* 31. How would you use the R250 000 cash price money to develop your business?

* 32. Please motivate why you want to enter this programme (max 100 words)

* 33. How did you learn about the FemBioBiz Programme?

* 34. BioFISA Student Ambassadors are supporting us in coordinating the competition. If your submission is as the result of one of our ambassadors, we would like to recognise them for their efforts.  Please select the name of the ambassador that you connected with either through social media, email, word of mouth etc.