The Fijian Government has plans for developing a new Manufacturing and Services Zone (MSZ) in the Western Division. The Zone is expected to further strengthen Fiji’s position as the manufacturing and services hub of the Pacific and enable the country to effectively leverage off opportunities from preferential market access we have available under the trade agreements Fiji is currently party to. The Zone is likely to be located within the Nadi-Lautoka Corridor in the main island of Viti Levu. This will ensure it is in close proximity to the Nadi International Airport and the Lautoka Wharf while also have easy access to an abundant and affordable skilled labour force. The Western Division of Viti Levu also offers enhanced opportunities for work-life balance being the hub of the tourism industry in Fiji.

In totality, the MSZ is expected to:

- generate additional economic activity;
- promote exports of both goods and services;
- generate foreign exchange by boosting exports;
- attract investment from both domestic and foreign sources;
- provide a platform where the local companies can form joint ventures and partnerships with foreign companies to facilitate knowledge sharing and transfers of technology into the country;
- create new employment and skills generation opportunities; and
- develop much needed infrastructure and facilities.

The Fijian Government has requested technical assistance from the World Bank Group to assist in the planning of the zone. Consequently, the Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice is preparing a market assessment study to identify the sectors with the most potential for investment, gauge the size of potential demand from private investors and identify key business requirements to make the zones attractive investment locations.

This survey is an essential input for the analysis and aims at ensuring that the perspective of investors is fully reflected in the design of the Zone. Your opinion is indispensable to the success of this study and to the implementation of strategic recommendations arising from it with a view to facilitating investment in Fiji. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and analyzed only on a consolidated basis.

This questionnaire should take around twenty minutes to fill out. Respondents will ideally play a role in the strategic management of the company and participate in investment decisions. For questions with several possible answers, please select all that apply. Thank you for your attention and availability.

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