Remedy Health Media with New York City Health Business Leaders (NYCHBL) are recognizing the Best of the Best in the digital health field with this exclusive award! NYCHBL's mission is to bring together leaders and innovators in healthcare. This prestigious award will showcase our finalists' hard work, achievements, and talents.
Here are the finalists in each category:

Patient Advocate: Patients who have gone above and beyond to share their personal story, network and speak out to support other patients to influence better health outcomes.
Jada Cardona - Executive Director of Transitions Louisiana and Patient Expert on
Lisa Emrich -
Health Blogger, Founder of and HealthCentral Social Ambassador
Dr. Emmanuel Fombu - 
Medical Affairs at Novartis
Mary Shomon - 
Founder of and Contributing Editor to various health media publishers 

Mike Veny - CEO of Transforming Stigma and Mental Health Social Ambassador to HealthCentral

Agency Guru: People from healthcare ad agencies who have made a difference by achieving the highest level of excellence in their workplace and inspired others on their team and/or agency.
Angelo Campano - Director, Customer Experience at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Tom Hespos - Founder, Chief Media Officer at Underscore Marketing
Kristin Mengel
- Director, Innovation & Technology at WPP
Andrea Palmer - SVP at Publicis Health Media

Agency Guru Rising Star: Up-and-coming people from healthcare ad agencies who have made a difference by achieving the highest level of excellence in their workplace and inspired others on their team and/or agency.
Carly Fisher - Director, Publicis Health Media
Kate Flanagan - 
Director, Digital Planning & Activation at Carat
Katie Sullivan
- Associate Director, Digital at Initiative

Brand Marketer
: Individuals from brands (pharma, specialty, medical device, etc.) who have been innovative and strategic in achieving great marketing success for healthcare.
Susan Bratton - Founder and CEO at Savor Health
Glen Roginski -
Director, Media & Connections at Johnson & Johnson
Amanda Todorovich - 
Director of Content Marketing at Cleveland Clinic

Winners will receive a featured announcement, including photo and bio, on Remedy’s sites as well as a NYCHBL newsletter which are sent to influencers in the Health Industry. Winners will also be honored and receive a trophy at the Awards Night event.
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