FreeEats Invites Members to Post Videos on the FreeEats Network On YouTube
The FreeEats Network on YouTube invites FreeEats members to submit "Family Friendly Original Content" videos of songs, funny situations, heartfelt comments, memorable events, novel opinions, interesting situations, news, and/or commentary for consideration to be shown on the FreeEats Network on YouTube.  If chosen for posting, FreeEats will pay Members up to $100 based on the "unique" number of views the video gets on our YouTube Channel!
The terms and conditions of this opportunity:

1.  Submit a family friendly "original content video" for review (see below for details how to do that).

2. Fill in completely all of the required information below!

3.  Approval of your video for placement on the FreeEats Network on YouTube will be at the complete discretion of the FreeEats Network.  FreeEats is not required to post or use any video submitted for review.

4.  You may submit as many videos as you like for review into this program.  

5.  If FreeEats chooses to post a video, FreeEats will pay the FreeEats Member that submitted the video as follows:

$25 when 2,000 completed unique views are reported of the video by YouTube on FreeEats Network on YouTube
$50 when 5,000 completed unique views are reported of the video by YouTube on the FreeEats Network on YouTube
$100 when 10,000 completed unique views or more are of the video reported by YouTube on the FreeEats Network on YouTube

6. $100 is the maximum amount that will be paid to a FreeEats Member under this program regardless of the total number of views a posted video receives.

7. No copyright and royalty fees will apply, or be paid on any video uploaded for consideration or selected for posting.

8. FreeEats will not post a video containing profanity, sexually explicit words or images, illegal activity, abuse, or other content we deem inappropriate.

9. FreeEats will notify you if your submission is selected for posting. Please fill out the information below to help us communicate with you appropriately.  

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* 1. Please provide your FreeEats Member information

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* 2. Provide the link to a Google Docs folder that will allow us to download and review the video (or videos) you want to post on the FreeEats Network on YouTube.  Go here to learn how to send FreeEats a Google Docs link.

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* 3. Please upload a screenshot or picture here of the file you uploaded into the Google Docs folder you created for this program.  

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 4. Please confirm that you have created and own all rights to the video(s) content being submitted?

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* 5. By making this submission you agree to let the FreeEats Network use the submitted video (or videos) Royalty and/or Copyright free with no expectation or requirement that any such fees will be paid by the FreeEats Network to you or anyone else now, or in the future.

Finished? Tap "Click Here to Submit" at the bottom of this page to submit your responses. 

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The compliance and validity of your submissions will be determined at the sole discretion of the FreeEats Network.  The FreeEats Network Terms of Service apply. We hope you'll engage in FreeEats again in the future. It's that easy!

Please see our Terms and FAQ for additional information.