NSAI are carrying out a survey to gauge the interest in a hosting a workshop to discuss the impact of changes to the ISO 80369 series of standards.

For example: ISO 80369-7 – Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications – Part 7: Connectors for intravascular or hypodermic applications.

ISO 80369-7 specifies dimensions and requirements for the design and functional performance of small-bore connectors intended to be used for connections in intravascular applications or hypodermic connections in hypodermic applications of medical devices and accessories.

The revision of ISO 80369-7 in 2016 has introduced new requirements such as additional dimensions selected to represent the current design and dimensions of luer connectors in clinical use.  The addition of the new requirements was made to further reduce the risk of misconnection with other small-bore connectors.

These changes will impact the design, manufacture and testing of connectors and national manufacturers and suppliers need to develop a plan to move to these new requirements.

Proposed Workshop 
With sufficient interest NSAI will h­­ost a workshop to highlight issues with transitioning to the ISO 80369-7 standard. 

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* 1. Please tick all that apply to your business.

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* 2. How knowledgeable are you about the revised standard ISO 80369-7?

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* 3. Does your organisation have a plan in place to address compliance with the revised ISO 80369 series?

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* 4. ISO 80369 is a family of standards. Tick the standard parts that you are interested in:

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* 5. Are there any specific issues relating to the ISO 80369 standards that would you like to see addressed in such a workshop?