HCC ACP Regional Champion Position Description 

HPCO’s Health Care Consent & Advance Care Planning Regional Champions are volunteers within the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Health Care Consent Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HPCO HCC ACP CoP) who are appointed by HPCO as recognized champions in HCC ACP GoC in Ontario.  The designation is received following the successful completion of a 45-hour training/mentorship program by the CoP Leadership Team.  A minimum of 1-4 Regional Champions exist across each of the 14 LHIN areas. 

The Regional Champion demonstrates interest and capacity to participate with organizations/ stakeholders/partners in an effort to engage, educate, support, mentor and influence HCC & ACP initiatives within their local area/region.    

The role of a Regional Champion includes ongoing commitment to:  

- Provide support and information that will support local HCC ACP initiatives while ensuring compliance with the Ontario Legal Framework. 
-Provide education and create awareness of available resources to local providers.    
-Participate in local HCC ACP CoP material reviews.
-Connect and engage with the HCC ACP CoP General Membership as well as other relevant partners in their LHIN area.
-Be an HCC ACP conduit (i.e., for communications, collaborations, leverage opportunities etc.,) between the local area/region and the HCC ACP CoP.
-Meet with the Regional Champion committee a minimum of quarterly to provide a forum for information exchange, knowledge transfer and share information about HCC ACP initiatives within the Ontario framework. and to promote the recommended Ontario tools and resources and build awareness. 
-Be vigilant and exemplary in sharing resources, to ensure consistency with Ontario legal framework.
-Use tools and resources provided to Regional Champions (meetings, SharePoint site etc.) to engage in their own continual training and growth. 

An expression of interest for applicants is released by HPCO an annual basis (typically Spring).  Successful applicants are those who demonstrate interest and capacity and are supported in this role by their workplace.   

The 45-hour training/mentorship program consists of:  

-2 one-hour teleconference meetings with an HCC ACP leadership team member and other Regional Champion candidates 
-Ongoing communication with mentor 
-Completion of 3 assignments, including: 
1. Review of Ontario specific literature/resources (estimated completion time: 16 hours) 

2. Mock HCC ACP resource review (estimated completion time: 10 hours) 

3. HCC ACP resource review (estimated completion time: 16 hours) 

  Endorsement by the HPCO HCC ACP CoP Leadership Team following completion of 100% of the course including a final quiz  
  Appointment by HPCO 

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