Welcome to the Grimsby Residents Survey.  This survey is being conducted on behalf of Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust (GGIFT) who are responsible for developing Peterson’s Smokehouse along with an additional building on Wharncliffe Road.  We are consulting with people who live in Grimsby close to the fish docks.  We would like to know about your local area, your knowledge of the fish dock and Peterson’s Smokehouse and what you think of the Peterson’s Project plans.

This online survey is being conducted by Information by Design, an independent market research company.  The company is a member of the Market Research Society and abides by their Code of Conduct.

Information by Design will hold your data in line with the data protection laws, which means that we will treat your data in confidence, we will hold it securely and will ensure that your details will not be passed on to any third party or other company or council.  Please note this data is collected in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.  This means that data will only be used to create reports.  Personal data will only be used for analysis and to contact you about topics you have requested and will be retained for five years.  Data will be shared with GGIFT and will not be shared with any other third parties.

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If you fully completed the survey, we will given the chance to enter our prize draw for the the chance to win a top prize of £30 in cash or one of two prize of £10 in cash.

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