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Please read carefully before you start. Most important: This survey will take approximately 20 minutes and should be completed all at one time. If you do not have that time now, please log in at a later time when you have time to complete.

About The School Performance Scan:
The SPS is conducted in order to assess the current functioning of the school from the perspective of certified staff and administration. It is a required assessment for schools in NYS that are Focus or Priority status. PLC Associates, Inc. is a certified provider by The State Education Department of New York for these surveys and adheres to strict codes of delivery.

PLC Associates, Inc., based in Florida and New York, will conduct the survey and oversee all elements of survey protocol. They operate according to a strict Professional Code of Ethics that prohibits personalized disclosure (i.e. identifying respondents) of information. Respondents are anonymous. Data will be provided to the school and district (no names) for analysis, planning, and discussion purposes. Commentary will be provided in an unedited form. When entering commentary, please spell correctly (allows a word sort) and kindly refrain from inappropriate language. Reports will provide the data for the whole school in aggregate; there is no sorting by position or in a way that would identify respondents, so that anonymity is protected.

This tool is the intellectual property of PLC Associates, Inc. and may not be reproduced (mechanically or electronically, in part or whole) without expressed consent. Do not forward or otherwise share this link.

Please finish the entire survey and at the end, press Done. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes. If you do not have that time now, it is best to click out and re-enter at a later time. There is a bank of 5 point rating scale questions and 3 commentary questions. Use N/A if the question is Not Applicable or if you have No Answer. The survey asks about different aspects of school structures and practices. 

If you do start and are unable to complete the survey, or your session is interrupted, your answers will only be saved by page if you click the Next tab.Therefore, if you need to exit early, press Next and those answers in that section will save. When you re-enter, go through the Survey Check In, which is required, and then go to the question where you left off.

Be candid; your honest answers will help your school be a better place to work and learn. If there are questions, kindly contact your building administrator.

We appreciate your input!
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