* 1. What type of account(s) do you currently operate in GTBank?

* 2. Which of these channels do you make use of and how often?

  Frequently Occasionally Rarely Never
Mobile Money
Internet Banking

* 3. Do you use internet banking to conduct your transaction?

* 4. if No in Question (3) above, why dont you use GTBank Internet Banking to conduct your banking transactions?

* 5. If Yes in question (3) above, which of the following device(s) do you use to connect to internet Banking?

* 6. Which of these services do you use GTBank Internet banking for and what is the frequency?

  Frequently Occasionally Rarely Never
Balance Enquiry
Bill Payments
Local Funds Transfers
Foreign Funds Transfers
Account Statement

* 7. Why is the Internet banking platform your preferred transaction channel?

* 8. What change(s) would you want on GTBank Internet Banking platform?