1. Welcome

The Guilford Nonprofit Consortium is a collaborative of nonprofit organizations, large and small, in Guilford County, North Carolina that fosters mutual assistance and support. The Consortium strives to reach these objectives by providing opportunities for education, collaboration, networking, and celebration.

The Consortium has approximately 300 member nonprofit organizations currently and is sponsoring this compensation survey to gain information about base salaries and benefits at our member organizations.  We understand that investment in people is critical to the short-term success, and long-term sustainability of our member organizations. The ability to obtain high quality, relevant, local survey data is a key ingredient to building a competitive compensation strategy that will attract and retain the best talent in our community. 

ALL DATA WILL BE MAINTAINED IN STRICT CONFIDENCE! The data will be compiled, analyzed and reported by JER HR Group LLC, a nationally recognized consulting practice specializing in nonprofit compensation. Only aggregate data will be reported to assure individual organization responses are not identifiable.

The survey is designed to capture salary data for a number of positions, effective as of June 1, 2020. Your organization may not have positions in all areas and, if that is the case, you may skip to the next relevant section. We also ask that you respond to a few questions regarding benefits offered in your organization.

Please submit your responses to this survey by June 19, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact John Wing, Business Development Specialist at JER HR Group (jwing@jerhrgroup.com or 336-292-1911 ext 130) or Brenda Thompson, Associate Director, Operations (bthompson@jerhrgroup.com or 336-292-1911 ext 140). 

Thank you!