There will be $11,500 in Community Fund Travel Grants awarded to the 2017 AMIA conference in New Orleans. Grants will cover reasonable travel/conference expenses up to $1,000 per grant. 

Reflected in our Statement of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity adopted earlier this year, AMIA is committed to cultivating an environment in which in a multiplicity of voices are sought, listened to and respected. In order to increase and encourage diversity, inclusion, and equity at the conference, special consideration will be given to underrepresented individuals and those whose work shows a commitment to diversity in the field.

Community Fund Travel Grants are open to everyone, with consideration given to both members and to those who engage or plan to engage with the AMIA community. Past funding recipients are eligible to apply.

The Community Fund is funded through donations by members and donors.  The number of travel grants each year  is based on donations received.

* Applicant Information

* Please provide a statement of not more than 750 words addressing:
  • financial need for the award and how receiving the award will ensure you can attend the conference (e.g. will you be able to use this funding to leverage additional funding to ensure your attendance)
  • how attendance at the conference will contribute to your professional development
  • how it will help you engage with the AMIA community
  • if applicable, how you, your experiences and/or professional interests show a commitment to advancing diversity

* Please indicate the TOTAL funds requested as well as your estimated costs. Grants are offered to cover reasonable travel and registration expenses.  You may apply for a grant in any amount, up to the maximum amount of $1,000 (USD). 

If chosen, grant recipients will be notified of the final grant funding offered.

* Are you participating (speaking or presenting) at the upcoming conference in New Orleans?

* Please indicate the year of the last AMIA conference you attended. If you have not yet attended an AMIA conference, please indicate 0 in the space provided.

* Are you an AMIA memberWhile AMIA membership is not required, consideration is given to membership and engagement with the AMIA community.

By submitting this Application, you are indicating that you have read the instructions for filing this award application, and certify that the information that has been provided is correct.

DEADLINE: September 21, 2017

Grant recipients will be notified no later than October 13, 2017.