The term assessment is used widely and for many purposes within the learning, HR, and Talent Management communities. In general an assessment is a tool that can be used to help someone make a judgment about another person or themselves. Judgments based on assessment data are not good or bad, but they do inform business decisions, our own career planning, and affect people daily. These assessments can be as simple as a test of knowledge or as complex as a predictor of future behaviors. Assessments, in all forms, are foundational to the modern practice of managing talent. Today they are used at all levels of an organization, and in almost every facet of learning and talent practices.

As we enter the era of Big Data, social analytics, and global skill gaps, Brandon Hall Group is undertaking a research effort to help organizations understand not only how assessments have been used in the past, but what are the possibilities and risks inherent in how they will be used in the future. If people data will be informing our business decisions of the future, then it is imperative that we understand where that data has come from, in what context it should be viewed, and the power it contains to change people’s lives.

This survey should be taken by anyone who administers assessments, purchases assessments, or leverages assessment data to inform their work decisions on a regular basis. This could include learning, HR, talent, or operations professionals.

This specific survey is focused on looking at the assessment market holistically, understanding how the various assessments are being used and how that data is being transformed into business decisions. We value your input and time, and will provide a full summary of the survey findings following the close of the survey.