Let’s build the world’s largest study of people who work in tech

This short survey takes 5 minutes to complete (we’ve timed it!). Immediately upon completing the survey you will get instant access to a snapshot of the results. Later on in the year, once we have analysed the data in much more depth we will then send you more detailed analysis, including access to the data sandpit where you can get your hands dirty playing with the data itself.

What’s more you’ll also be invited to one of our fantastic tech meet ups, or webinars.

Take part now, and tell us your thoughts on the following topics…

1. Is your job at risk of automation?
2. Is bespoke software dead?
3. Are young / small companies really more innovative than big ones?
4. CIO? CMO? CDO? You? Who's calling the shots in digital?
5. How does your salary compare to your peers?

All responses are confidential and only aggregated data will be published. No questions are mandatory, so if you can't answer one feel free to move on. 

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