HPCO Accreditation – Registration

Welcome and thank you for your interest in HPCO's Accreditation Program. By completing this registration survey, you are indicating an interest in pursuing accreditation with HPCO. 

Effective April 1, 2019 we are pleased to offer a new online resource to support your accreditation process. The “SharePoint Accreditation Site” (SAS) contains:

·      A record of all current standards, criteria and evidence requirements

·      A process to complete an internal “compliance assessment” (formerly known as the “standards review”)

·      Tools/documents that support the collection of evidence.

·      Analytical reports to help with planning ahead and tracking progress.

With this change, and to manage increased demand, we must introduce some updates to the registration process. The Accreditation Manual will be updated to reflect these changes and will be distributed by August 2019.

Going forward, when a new registration is received, HPCO will send an invoice for the initial registration fee and a participation agreement via email.  Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time.

When payment and signed agreement are received, HPCO will create a "SharePoint Accreditation Site" for your hospice.  

Following this, the hospice is able to use the SAS to move forward in preparing for both the application and the submission of evidence using the timeline provided.  A group meeting will be scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the application deadline for the selected cohort to introduce you to the SAS and provide information on completing the application process.

After registering for the selected cohort, if the hospice is unable to proceed on the original timeline, it may withdraw.  Notification of withdrawal must be received in writing a minimum of 60 days prior to the Application deadline of the selected cohort. If the hospice withdraws at any point following registration and initial payment, fees will not be refunded. The hospice may choose to participate in a later cohort, but a new fee will be charged when registering.

The fee schedule is available at www.hpco.ca/accreditation (navigate to the links at the bottom of the page).  Please note that the fee schedule is subject to change to ensure that HPCO is able to recover costs associated with operating the program.  The updated Fee Schedule is posted to our website by January 1 of each year. 

For more information, please contact Selina Abetkoff, Accreditation Coordinator, at accreditation@hpco.ca