Welcome to the 2019 Global Human Resources Census!

Our profession is evolving at a rapid pace and yet there's no comprehensive understanding of who we are, our capabilities or how we work. The 2019 Global Human Resources Census survey will gather insights into those critical topics and share them freely with the HR community. This research is a continuation of the Global Talent Managers research I started in 2012.

Let's start here. This survey is completely anonymous and confidential. We do not track (nor do we have an interest in tracking) who participates. 

We ask some basic and some more interesting questions: You'll see basic questions about background and demographics, and more interesting questions about work-life balance, stress, sleep and other topics that affect our success as HR leaders.

It's fast: You'll be done in less than 8 minutes, so let's get started!

We'll issue a thorough and insightful report within two months of the survey closing.

Thanks very much for your participation!
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Marc Effron 
The Talent Strategy Group
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