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Why should you participate?
Going from discovery to commercialization success in the bio-economy requires the right people with the right skills in key positions. Ensuring this happens means knowing what competencies are needed to plan recruitment, professional development, and succession planning so the talent is in place.

The foundational step in this process is the identification of key roles then drafting competency profiles that will contribute to the creation of National Occupational Standards (NOS). BioTalent Canada is currently developing standards with industry and as an expert in the field, your input is valuable.

For more information on the overall national project, please visit the Occupational Competencies for Canada’s Bio-economy page on our website.

Who are we looking for?
We are currently looking for individuals who have three or more years of Canadian experience supervising or working as a Human Resources Manager in the bio-economy. 

The bio-economy includes organizations relating to bio-health, agri-biotech, bio-energy, and bio-industrial organizations.  

How long will this take?
The validation survey that follows will take, on average, 30 minutes to complete.

$50 for your participation

Upon completing the questionnaire to validate the National Occupational Standard, you will receive $50 for your participation. Participation includes completing the questionnaire, and a follow-up e-mail or call with one of our job analysts, if needed. Valid, verifiable responses are required.

When will results be available?
BioTalent Canada will be publishing the National Occupational Standards in the fall of 2021.

Confidential means that BioTalent Canada staff will have access to information about who completed the questionnaire, but this information is not shared with anyone outside BioTalent Canada. BioTalent Canada will never associate a survey respondent's name with their survey response in any reporting. When we report survey results, we always aggregate them.

It may be required to connect you with one of our research consultants to clarify a response. In such a case, BioTalent Canada will contact you via e-mail and ask for your permission to share your contact information. Your contact information will remain protected by BioTalent Canada's privacy policy.

Who is BioTalent Canada?
BioTalent Canada™ is the HR partner of and catalyst for growth in Canada’s bio-economy. Our engagement with employers, associations, post-secondary institutions, immigrant-serving agencies, and service providers has built a dynamic network that is strengthening skills, connecting job-ready talent to industry and creating opportunities. Recently awarded a Great Place to Work® Certification, BioTalent Canada practices the same industry standards they recommend to their stakeholders.

Recently, BioTalent Canada was named one of Best Workplaces in Ontario for 2020 and Best Workplaces in Healthcare. These distinctions were awarded to BioTalent Canada following a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®. Direct feedback from employees was provided to Great Place to Work® through a staff survey. For more information, visit biotalent.ca

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.
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