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Engagement with the work of the HSA

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* 3. Provide an outline of your principal areas of engagement with the work of the HSA?

Benefits of the HSA Work

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* 4. What specific activities of the HSA do you feel bring particular value?

Future External Environment

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* 5. What changes in the external context do you think will be important in the coming 3-6 years and which should guide the next HSA Strategy Statement?

Suggestions for the Next Strategy Statement

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* 6. What strategic actions do you think should be prioritised in the next HSA Strategy Statement?

Other Issues

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* 7. Are there any other issues concerning the next HSA Strategy Statement that you consider are relevant?

Thank you very much for your inputs. All individual responses will be treated as strictly confidential and will be anonymised in any analysis. If you would like to make a more detailed submission, please feel free to email this to Indecon Economic and Strategic Consultants who are assisting the HSA with the development of the next strategy statement. Please email Dr. Ronnie O’ Toole, Partner, Indecon at

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