Since April 2013, the HIV community has been responding to the changes in HIV testing services related to the passage of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act into law. Two years on from the implementation of the Act, and with a new Conservative Government in place, the Halve It campaign has identified an opportunity to publish a report analysing the impact of the Act on HIV testing. This will draw on the experiences of Steering Group members to highlight the unforeseen adverse consequences of the Act and recommend simple practical solutions that are necessary to ensure that the Act facilitates the expansion of HIV testing in line with national guidance.

This survey forms the first stage of the report investigating to what extent the changes set out under the Health and Social Care Act have benefitted or compromised the expansion of HIV testing services. We would be grateful if you could complete this survey online and disseminate the survey to your network. The Halve It Secretariat will be reaching out to members of the Steering Group for further qualitative analysis based on responses to the online survey.