We are building a brand new, state-of-the-art centre to provide surgery for more children and young people as well as other services for our hospital and staff. The new centre is due to open in 2022, and is being built right next to our existing hospital building. This is the first stage in our ambitious expansion programme, and we want to make sure the names and themes we use make sense to our families across all our buildings.

So, we want your help in thinking about the name and the artistic theme for this building. We use the artistic theme to name the areas inside the building to make them easy to find, so you might have noticed that in the current Evelina London building we have a natural world theme, from the coral reef, to the arctic, beach and all the way up to the sky. We want to keep to a natural theme and make it easy to navigate within and between our buildings, but know you’ll have some great ideas within this. This is your chance to make a difference to children, young people and their families by helping us create an easy to find and family friendly building. Your ideas could even end up as artwork on our walls or the names of our rooms in the building!

Our challenge to you!

We would like your support in helping us name this building and deciding on a theme.  Please give us some ideas by answering the questions below and adding any other comments, thoughts and ideas you may have.

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved in the design of this building, and our other new building which will be an extension of the current Evelina London hospital.  Email ELCHEngagement@gstt.nhs.uk for more details.
Your views on the way we currently name wards and areas at Evelina London

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* 1. What do you think of the natural theme used to name the wards/areas of our hospital?

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* 2. How do the natural themes used in our hospital make you feel?

Your views on the themes and names we could use in our new building

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* 3. What are your favourite things about nature or the natural world? (this could be your favourite animal or plant, or your favourite thing about the environment, earth or space)

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* 4. Can you think of any other themes or things from nature that we could use for our new building?

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* 5. We are also thinking about what to call our new building. To help us think of some ideas, please tell us if you think the building should be named after:

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* 6. Finally, if you have any ideas for a name for the new building, please write them in the space below (unfortunately we can’t name the building after individuals or groups).

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