Information about your business, and your RPA deployment

* 1. Organisation name

* 2. Respondent name

* 3. Respondent title

* 4. Respondent email

* 8. Primary Scope/Function(s) of RPA deployment

* 9. Is the solution focused on the desktop automation or functional back office process automation?

* 10. How many RPA bots do you have currently?

* 11. How many bots do you expect to have in 12 months?

* 12. Is the RPA solution lead by functional/line of business, or IT, or centralized CoE?

* 13. Did you procure the solution in-house or through a service provider or an advisor? 

* 14. What RPA solution did you use? If using multiple RPA products across different processes, please select the primary RPA supplier for this questionnaire.