Address: Hummingbird House - 60 Curwen Terrace, Chermside QLD 4032.

Wesley Mission Queensland's Hummingbird House is looking for volunteers!
About Hummingbird House:

Hummingbird House is Queensland’s only children’s hospice and one of only three children’s hospices in Australia. We provide specialised paediatric palliative care services to babies, children and young people with a life-limiting condition, helping them make every moment precious when life is short.

Hummingbird House supports families across Queensland and strives to provide true choice about when, where and how they receive our care. Families can access our services at our purpose-built home away from home in Brisbane.

Hummingbird House is a welcoming and rewarding place to volunteer, where you will meet many wonderful people from various backgrounds and learn new skills that may assist you personally and professionally.  There are lots of other benefits to volunteering with us as well, such as:

  • Great education opportunities
  • Exclusive shopping discounts
  • Access to online and face-to-face wellness advisors
  • Invitations to social events
  • Being part of a team that is making a difference in the lives of others.
Hummingbird House is situated directly across the road from Westfield Chermside. Cafes and free on-site parking is available.

To learn more about Hummingbird House, please visit our website.  You can also gain a further understanding of children's hospices by reading the following (UK based) articles:
About the Volunteer Roles:

As part of their role the Hummingbird House Centre Volunteer may be involved in one or more of the following activities:
  • Gardener or groundskeeper: maintaining the indoor and outdoor gardens, including weeding, pruning, watering, and raking.
  • Housekeeping: help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, wiping down furniture, emptying bins, making up rooms, laundry and cleaning frequently used areas.
  • In-house care support: provide non-clinical support for guests and families, and tidying and resetting communal rooms.
  • Kitchen assistant: assist with overseeing mealtimes, including warming and serving meals prepared by our chefs, tidying the dining and kitchen areas, resetting the breakfast bar and replenishing other consumables.
  • Reception and administration:  meet and greet guests and families, support the front office team with duties including receiving and coordinating deliveries. (Not currently accepting applications for this role)
  • Other tasks as required: it is important to note that while you may have signed on for one of the above roles, your Workplace Supervisor or Local Manager may occasionally request that you assist in another role or further activities. 
Volunteering hours are Monday to Sunday, between 9am to 8pm (role depending). Morning, afternoon and evening shifts are available. In the first weeks, volunteers will be required to attend specific training times, but afterwards, shifts can be flexible to suit.
Important details to consider before expressing an interest in volunteering with Hummingbird House:
  • Applicants for Hummingbird House must be above the age of 18.
  • The Hummingbird House volunteer recruitment process involves an expression of interest, phone and in-person interviews, reference and clearance checks, and required training. We progress through these as quickly as possible; however, please be mindful that the recruitment may take several weeks to complete.
  • Volunteers are required to provide proof of vaccination status as required by Legislation, Health Directives or Wesley Mission Queensland Policy prior to commencement and throughout their engagement with us and follow a COVID-19 safe work plan at all times.
  • As a unique service, we undertake a thorough recruitment and selection process when inviting volunteers to join our team, which allows you to get to know us and us the opportunity to get to know you, which is essential to establishing the right fit. As such, all volunteers are on a probation period for three months after they start at Wesley Mission Queensland.   
  • Volunteers must have a current NDIS Workers Screening Clearance check and Blue Card (no older than three months) before commencement. This can be applied for through Wesley Mission Queensland at no cost to you.
    Before you consider becoming a volunteer, we ask that you read:
    We also ask that you watch the Wesley Mission Queensland Volunteer Orientation Video to understand better volunteering with Wesley Mission Queensland.

    Once you have read these documents, watched the orientation video, and are confident you would like to volunteer, please complete this quick online registration.  Once we receive your registration, a Hummingbird House representative will contact you to discuss the role further.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hummingbird House at

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    Other Information:
    • Please visit Wesley Mission Queensland's website for our full privacy information and collection statement.
    • Wesley Mission Queensland holds the right to decline any expression of interests that they deem unsuitable without notice.
    • Please contact Volunteer Relations at if you need any clarification regarding this registration form.

    Question Title

    1. Please provide your personal details:

    Question Title

    2. Your date of birth?
    Please note that applicants for this role must be over the age of 18.  


    Question Title

    3. Please provide an emergency contact person for when you are volunteering:

    Question Title

    4. Do you have any special needs, time availability concerns, health issues, dietary requirements, etc that you feel may affect your volunteer work or that we should know of in case of an emergency?

    Question Title

    5. Which volunteer role or roles are you interested in?
    You can choose as many roles as you wish.

    Please make sure that:

    • You have interests that complement the role; and
    • You can commit to volunteering on an ongoing basis.

    Question Title

    6. What days and times of the day are you available to volunteer?

    Please choose as many days and times that you know you will be available on an ongoing basis. We will then try to find a suitable shift for you.

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    9am to 1pm
    1pm to 5pm
    5pm to 8pm

    Question Title

    7. How often would you like to volunteer?

    Question Title

    8. Tell us why you would like to volunteer at Hummingbird House and why you are interested in the role or roles you have applied for.

    Question Title

    9. Do you have any experience volunteering?

    Question Title

    10. Do you have any experience interacting with, or being around, children with life-limiting conditions, complex medical conditions and or disabilities?
    Experience is not required, however, it may assist us to find the most suitable role for you.

    Question Title

    11. Do you have any experience with grief, including death-related grief?   
    If yes, and you feel comfortable doing so, please briefly share your experience with us.  

    Experience with death-related grief experience is not a pre-requisite for the role, and we offer grief-specific training to all our volunteers.

    Question Title

    12. Due to the nature of the service Hummingbird House provides, volunteers are required to provide proof of vaccination status as required by Legislation, Health Directives or Wesley Mission Queensland Policy before commencement.   

    These vaccinations include all of the following:
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
    • Pertussis (whooping cough) 
    • Varicella (chickenpox) 
    • Hepatitis B
    • Three Covid-19 vaccinations 

    Question Title

    13. Do you have any of the following probity checks?
    If you have a check from this list it must be current (in date).

    Question Title

    14. How did you hear about volunteer opportunities with Hummingbird House?
    For example, did you find them through:
    • The Wesley Mission Queensland website
    • Online advertisement
    • Information flyer
    • You are friends with or know a family, volunteer or staff person involved with Hummingbird House
    • Other.

    Question Title

    15. If recruited as a Wesley Mission Queensland volunteer, I agree to work within the terms and guidelines outlined in the below declaration.

    I understand that if I become a  volunteer with Wesley Mission Queensland, I will be expected to:   
    • Have a general understanding of (or gain an understanding of) Wesley Mission Queensland, Hummingbird House and the people we support.
    • Interact positively with guests, families, stakeholders, staff, and the public.
    • Understand your role and responsibilities and apply yourself to the best of your abilities.
    • Interact well in a team, use initiative, take direction, and at times work with limited supervision.
    • Ask questions if you need clarification on anything in the role and report any issues immediately.
    • Be prompt and reliable and show a commitment to the role within the hours agreed to.
    • Understand and respect confidentiality.
    • Maintain professional and personal boundaries.
    • Complete all education required within the role.
    • Have the required current security checks, licences, vaccinations, and documentation on file.
    • Follow a COVID-19 safe work plan at all times.  
    • Have the ability and willingness to work within the philosophies, policies, procedures, and Charter of Wesley Mission Queensland as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and by the Workplace Supervisor and Local Level Manager.
    I have read, understood, and am willing to follow the guidelines within the:
    I have watched and understood the contents in the:

    By pressing "SUBMIT" you declare you understand the conditions outlined in this registration 
    and that the information you have provided is correct.