In a recent survey, over 70% of commercial teams said that they are facing demands to raise efficiency and deliver greater value. Less than 15% felt that they have the necessary capabilities in place to meet business demands.

What makes that 15% different ... and what should you be doing to secure your future? Whether you are in Legal, Procurement or Contract Management, a key element is to become 'information-enabled'.

You can discover what that means - and where you currently stand - by participating in IACCM's latest survey, which is being undertaken in collaboration with SAP and NetApp. Gain invaluable insights into ways that leading commercial groups are raising their performance and status by grasping the opportunities that our digital world is creating.


“Information Enablement for Contracting and Commerce” (IE for CC) is a corporate practice that harnesses the business value of distributed contracting and commerce information and automates cross-departmental workflows.

“Information Enablement” means that relevant information is easily discoverable and can be reused; in order to achieve this, all information must follow the same data structure, be semantically categorized and stored in a central database.

“Contracting and Commerce” refers to the process of creating legally binding commercial transactions.

The purpose of the survey on “Information Enablement (IE) for Contracting and Commerce”  is to identify best practices leveraging state of the art technology.

Participants in the survey will receive the survey result as well as the study analyzing and drawing conclusions from these results free of charge.