Uniting Science & Innovation
The Hotel in College Park, Maryland
Hosted by The University of Maryland Discovery District
October 23-26, 2018

The Association of University Research Parks (AURP), the world’s leading network of university research, science and technology park professionals, invites you to share your knowledge, expertise and experience by presenting at the 2018 International Conference in College Park, Maryland.


University Research Parks are rapidly changing to meet the growing demands of the marketplace to continue to stay relevant, forward-looking and cutting-edge. This includes organizational, physical (space/building) partnering and/or human capital changes.

Adapting through the evolution is challenging, forcing leaders within the Research Park to examine current processes and strategies currently in place. This year’s conference in Maryland will address the current Research Park landscape, and provide insight and best practices on how Research Parks can thrive through the power of ingenuity. We are looking for dynamic and experienced speakers who can speak to environments/industries of change and how pioneering ingenuity in their respective company, nonprofit and/or organization proved to be successful.

Concurrent breakout sessions will be 60 minutes including all introductions and Q&A.

  • Conference attendees are seeking innovative content and learning opportunities that reflect current challenges, solutions, concepts and trends in the university research park and innovation district community.
  • Attendees are executives and lead professionals from university research parks, innovation districts and the professionals that provide goods and services which support their initiatives.
AURP seeks proposals that reflect sound learning principles, best practices in the field, informed by research and practice. To deliver exceptional learning experiences, preference may be given to proposals that demonstrate the ability to:
  • Reflect innovative and cutting edge content
  • Target seasoned, C-suite executives
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competencies
  • Provide diverse approaches for difference types of learners
  • Present a business case with evidence supported by research or data providing key take-aways
  • Demonstrate relevance of lessons through "real-life" case studies
Proposal submissions on the these key content focused areas and similar subject matter are encouraged: 
  • The Convergence of BIO and IT: What It Means for Universities & Research Parks
  • Financing Growth of Companies in our Communities of Innovation
  • Space Matters: Designing Spaces & Places for Collaboration & Impact
  • Getting the Word Out: Promoting the Essential Role of Parks in the Ecosystem
  • Public Private Partnerships: New Sources of Innovation Infrastructure for Funding Development
  • Human Capital is the Most Important Asset
  • Federal Labs as Anchor Tenants
  • I'm from the Government and I am Here to Help: Successful Federal, State and Local Programs Supporting Research Parks and Companies
  • Manufacturing and Parks
  • What the U.S. Parks Can Learn from Research Parks in Other Countries
  • Research and Innovation Parks at Community and Technical Colleges
  • Session and workshop proposals require clear and concise titles, succinct and persuasive descriptions and well thought out learning objectives. 
  • Your title should capture the topic that will be covered (10 words or less). 
  • Your description should build on your title, focus on learning outcomes and be persuasive and concise (75 words or less).
  • All proposals must be submitted using this online form.
  • The person submitting the proposal will be the "submitter" and will be the primary point of contact for all communications.
  • All co-presenters use be listed on the original proposal. Presenters may not be added including upon acceptance without review and approval of AURP staff.
Important Deadlines to Remember:

Monday, April 2:                    Submissions Due 

Tuesday, April 27:                 Notification of Acceptance
Monday, October 15:            Presentations Due for Review and Confirmation

* 1. Presentation proposal submitted by (Submitter):

* 2. Topic Title (10 words or less):

* 3. Which track do you feel this presentation falls under?

* 4. What presentation method will be used?
(NOTE: a maximum of three (3) speakers will be allowed for any presentation format.

* 5. DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: This is a summary (75 words maximum) of the proposed session. It should include a description of topics to be covered, teaching or dialogue format, and potential use for this knowledge by the participant. The purpose of this session abstract is to enable conference registrants to determine which session they choose to attend. The clearer the description and objectives, the more likely you will attract the appropriate audience for your training workshop or panel.



Presentation Proposals must be in English, must be typed and should be no more than ONE (1) 8.5" x 11" pages long. Creativity and interactivity are important aspects that will be elevated.

All proposals must include
* A 100-word biographical sketch
* A high-resolution speaker photograph in JPG, TIFF or PDF formats (300 dpi)

These items must be UPLOADED with your online proposal submission (HERE) or submitted electronically no later than Monday, April 2nd to Vickie Palmer at

Please be sure to have your email have a subject line of "AURP 2018 International Conference Proposal Materials".

  1. ONE (1) 8.5" x 11" pager
  2. 100-word biographical sketch
  3. High-resolution speaker photograph (300 dpi)

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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  • To be committed to working with AURP to deliver exceptional service and adhere to the deadlines for deliverables to the AURP team. This includes submitting final session slides no later than October 15th for review and approval by the assigned session facilitator and AURP leadership.
  • To ensure that all videos, images and content does not violate the IP or copyrights of any third party without formal consent and proper acknowledgement.
  • Speaker Registration: speakers agree to register for IC2018 at the AURP member rate and agree to arrange their own travel and expenses. Fee $995.

* 8. Provide the following information on Speaker Name (1):

Full Name
Address, City, State, ZIP, Country
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Click "DONE" to submit your presentation proposal for confirmation of receipt.