The primary goal of the Iowa City Area Transit Study (ICATS) is to improve transit service in Iowa City. Convenient and cost-effective transit service requires an appropriate balance of coverage, frequency, and service span. 

Prior to developing any recommendations, existing ridership, on-time performance, travel patterns, and demographic data were analyzed. Public meetings and an on-line survey indicated that more weekend service, later evening service, and more frequent service are some of the improvements most desired by riders and non-riders. Three different scenarios were developed that reflect the public’s desires for service enhancements.

These initial scenarios are options for improving service within the existing budget:
  • Scenario 1: Frequency – Major improvements include increasing the frequency of popular routes, simplifying the route network to improve speed and reliability, and improving access to major commercial areas.
  • Scenario 2: Simplified Coverage – Major improvements include simplifying the route network to improve speed and reliability, while maintaining coverage to most areas served today. This option is most like today’s service.
  • Scenario 3: Restructure & Improve Weekends & Evenings (Iowa City Transit Only) – Major improvements include increasing Saturday and evening service in Iowa City, and also adding limited on-demand service on Sundays for Iowa City and University Heights residents. Iowa City routes would also be restructured to improve route directness and speed.
The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from existing and potential riders about these preliminary scenarios.

All scenarios are concepts only. The preferred option will likely contain a combination of recommendations from each of the three scenarios, rather than a scenario in its entirety. Therefore, as you make comments, please be specific about what you like or do not like about a scenario.

The final recommendations will be based on feedback received from the public. 

Thank you for participating!